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Honeymoon in Maldives

Wedding puteshestvennika place in the world where they can rest not only the body but also the soul is the Maldives. Unique Islands located on the equator, where the constant climate makes this wonderful corner of a special charm. It is a coral island, which differ by a constant temperature of water and air all year round. High humidity of air, bright sun, big and clean beaches with water temperature of about twenty-six degrees of heat on Celsius. At fifty Islands of three hundred and created a convenient infrastructure and perfect conditions for year-round leisure travelers.

Weddings in the Maldives

The one who at least once visited this wonderful area, knows that the island’s most suitable for honeymoon, for an unforgettable stay young people. The Maldives – a favorite country for a great family holiday that offers the broadest range of activities and excursions to any taste and purse for all age groups. Newly arrived tourists Islands meet a bright, noisy and emotionally saturated holidays that are not terminated all year round. Continue reading

Medical tourism in France

Many health resorts located on the territory of France. They are in the world some of the most expensive, since the level of service is very high. Development of thalassotherapy has contributed to the mild climate and the presence of sea water.

The Thalasso institutions help in cases of fatigue, pains in the back and joints, immune, overweight, circulatory disorders.

The world also known French and mineral resorts. With drinking cures and treat inhalation of ENT diseases, diseases of liver, gastrointestinal tract, kidneys.

Weekend is on the Atlantic coast. There’s largest thalassotherapy Institute. The main clients are people with such illnesses: reducing emotional tone, insomnia, stress, diseases of locomotor apparatus.

When thalassotherapy all apply modern methods of marine aerosols, electrotherapy underwater massage, various kinds of showers, seaweed therapy, ultrasonic treatment. Continue reading

The great barrier reef in Australia

The great barrier reef is a system of coral reefs and Islands, located off the northeast coast of Australia. Great Barrier Reef stretches along the edge of the continental shelf to 2300 km. Its width in the Northern part is approximately 2 km, in the southern part it is equal to 150 kilometers. This is the largest reef system on earth – 340 350 species of corals known in the world here! The majority of the reef is hidden under the water and becomes visible only at low tide. In the result of abrasion-accumulation of influence of the sea many reefs turned into a coral island.
The great barrier reef is about 2,900 reefs of different sizes, around 300 Islands and shoals of fragments of corals and 600 high Islands, surrounded by its own reefs. Its total area exceeds the area of the UK.
Near the Great Barrier reef there are more than 1.5 thousand species of fish. When the quaint coral rush flocks of colorful tropical fish is a real kaleidoscope of colours and patterns. The reef is a breeding ground for humpback whales, often you will see females with cubs. Also is home to killer whales, sword-fish, the whale shark, different species of parrotfish, butterfly fish and eels. The waters of the Great Barrier reef are home to 6 of the 7 existing in the world and endangered species of sea turtles – they need in the wild reef Islands for hatching. Here you can find the most beautiful sea shells in the world, some of them are very large and can weigh 200 kg of the Island is also important for many species of water and sea birds their nests here about 240 species. Among them petrels, frigates, 6 species of terns, fulmars, lopuhi eagle and osprey. Continue reading

A holiday in the Maldives.

Sea beach pristaniste to the Maldives fly through the male airport, located on a separate island. In the Maldives, everything is on a separate island airport, hotels, warehouses and even dump on a separate island. Airport in the country is small, runway short, the aircraft have a hard braking, not to drive out into the sea. Here is a building of the airport, a Marina for mooring of boats Shuttle. For seaplanes separate water area near the airport.

On arrival, follow the usual formalities, relying in such cases. Invited to fill out the immigration card with a tear-off coupon that will tear at the time of departure from the country. In the passport is stamped and issued a baggage. After going through customs, the tourist goes to the arrival hall. There are stands with the names of the hotels. Very often arriving met at a poster in his hands, which immediately accompanies tourists to the boat. All of these actions takes less than 20 minutes.

The island of kurumba 4 Maldives

Travel Agency choosing a hotel, the main attention should be paid to the details of the transfer – airport-hotel. It is better to choose airport less than an hour by boat. If transfer to three hours, then a long journey across the stormy sea is very exhausting, it is better to refuse. Some tourists in such circumstances, prefer for a fee to travel from the hotel to the airport or from the airport to the hotel by seaplane. The flight will not take more than 15 minutes and will save power. But sometimes the transfer by sea may become a pleasant sea walk when the weather permits, although sometimes this is a very severe test. Continue reading

Speedminton – active rest on the nature

Speedminton is the most rapidly developing raketny sport in the world. It combines the speed badminton, dynamics squash and elegance of tennis.
The greatest plus of the game compared to the above activities is that he doesn’t need a grid or a special Playground. In Speedminton can be played almost everywhere in the Park, on the beach or in the gym. Unlike badminton small wind will not interfere, because shuttlecock smaller and heavier.

Quickly learn how to play Speedminton can any beginner, even without experience a game of tennis or badminton. Shuttlecock, you can easily run to a height of 10 meters, which will allow the enemy to prepare to fight back. However, if you are to get a result, you will realize that the game is not only fast and exciting, but requires considerable physical effort.

All these conditions make Speedminton a great addition to the holiday with family and friends. Continue reading

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