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Halong Bay

The place where the dragon descended into the sea is literally translated the name of Halong Bay, which is located in the South China sea, 170 km from Hanoi. More than three thousand Islands surrounded by the pristine waters of the Gulf of Tonkin, rocks and cliffs, striking with its magnificence is Halong Bay, covering an area of about 1.5 thousand square meters, last year deservedly received the status of one of the seven new natural wonders of the world.
The emergence of Halong Bay is described in local legend. In times when Vietnamese people resisted the invaders from China, the family of dragons came to the aid of the local population. According to legend, magic landed in the place, where now is Halong Bay. Sverknuv huge number of sea pearls, which turned into the island, dragons destroyed the Chinese ships and prevented local people from destruction. After that, dragons not departed, and forever stayed here. Since then the place where Gracanica and her son fell in the sea, are called Halong and Bicolor. There are legends that still in Halong Bay can be found Vietnamese dragon. Whether so it is necessary to check You: go on a fascinating journey through caves and grottos Islands of Halong Bay and maybe You get lucky.
Halong Bay is popular with travelers is one of the most visited attractions of Vietnam. This is not surprising, after all here in one place you have several ecosystems: coral reefs, swamps and fresh-water lakes, mangrove forests. Almost all the Islands of Halong Bay formed by rocks which are hidden amazing caves with stalactites, stalagmites and waterfalls. A number of beaches and grottos, formed under the influence of wind and water, is surrounded by small Islands of the Bay, creating a unique landscape.
The largest island in ha long – cat BA, total area more than 350 square kilometers. In coastal areas of the island are found about two hundred species of fish, seals and dolphins. The main part of the shore of the island is a rocky formation, however, if you search, you can find a couple of sandy beaches, hidden in a cozy bays. Island Catbi rich in lakes, waterfalls, spectacular caves and limestone hills, whose tops are covered with evergreen forests.
The most beautiful cave in Halong is the cave Grotto, Dau Go. As stated beliefs, in the XIII century it was a place of storage of stakes from bamboo, which installed Tran hung at the bottom of the river Batang not to let go the ships of Kublai Khan.
Most tourists come to see the beauty of Halong Bay in a day or two. However, for those wishing to truly enjoy the amazing scenery of the Bay and spend some unforgettable days opened hotel on cat BA island of Halong Bay is best to visit in April-may or September-October: although excursion here and are carried out all year round, in winter here is quite cold and windy.

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