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Honeymoon in Maldives

Wedding puteshestvennika place in the world where they can rest not only the body but also the soul is the Maldives. Unique Islands located on the equator, where the constant climate makes this wonderful corner of a special charm. It is a coral island, which differ by a constant temperature of water and air all year round. High humidity of air, bright sun, big and clean beaches with water temperature of about twenty-six degrees of heat on Celsius. At fifty Islands of three hundred and created a convenient infrastructure and perfect conditions for year-round leisure travelers.

Weddings in the Maldives

The one who at least once visited this wonderful area, knows that the island’s most suitable for honeymoon, for an unforgettable stay young people. The Maldives – a favorite country for a great family holiday that offers the broadest range of activities and excursions to any taste and purse for all age groups. Newly arrived tourists Islands meet a bright, noisy and emotionally saturated holidays that are not terminated all year round.


Maldives recognized as one of the best places for rest and diving. The famous coral reefs, which are inhabited by a huge variety of marine life, attract and intrigue divers from all over the world. One of the largest Islands is the world’s first underwater restaurant. There is a deserted island, where in privacy, you can spend a few days enjoying the wild nature and its inhabitants. This is a must for lovers of extreme entertainments.


This is only a small part of all that can meet the people in this wonderful and amazing country. A variety of local cuisine strikes and unknown world of Oriental tastes, a great number of excellent condiments, spices, rice side dishes and dishes of seafood.

But to get to this Paradise is not so simple. The trip consists of several flights from the main airport, located in the town of Mali on several small tourist planes on the island, each of which is a private resort with its developed structure and service personnel.


Visited here you will get a recovery not only of the body but also the soul. The beautiful nature and wonderful climate allow you to relax and dive into a wonderful fairy tale. Many salons of beauty, located on the territory of resort to help to bring your body in order. World famous designers have on the Islands many of their firm shops. So great shopping, you can ensure that when you are walking along the many trendy boutiques and shops.

And completing a brief review, I want to tell about one feature in the relations between tourists and support staff at this wonderful resort. We are talking about a tip, which by law or not based on officially. But they need to give at least five percent of the total amount of payment for the order. As a rule, it is about ten dollars. So, if you want to rent a boat or a car, it is better to discuss payment of the full cost of services.

Maldives – the pearl of the Indian ocean. And the vacation them is very popular all over the world.

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