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The Taj Mahal is the symbol of love and beauty

Taj Mahal
Today we continue our virtual tour and travel in India, to see the Taj Mahal. I think you have seen this building in the pictures on TV, because it is considered one of the most beautiful constructions of mankind.

Will probably start from the beautiful story of how the Prince Khurram (after the accession to the throne Shah Jahan) met a beautiful little girl. This meeting was crucial in the life of both, because they soon got married and became not only spouses, but also the closest advisers. Mumtaz Mahal was devoted to her husband and over the 17 years of marriage bore him 13 children, but being pregnant 14-im child she died in childbirth.

The Shah of Jahath, not knowing the consolation of his misery, he decided to build in honor of his beloved wife mausoleum of white marble, to show the full force of her sorrow and devoted love.
The construction of the mausoleum lasted for 22 years, was invited 20 thousand workers. Giant mausoleum must be beautiful all, ever built. From the very beginning to the Taj Mahal was destined to immortalize the name of Jahan and his lovely Mumtaz.

Of course, then the Shah and would probably not have imagined that to the place of burial of his wife (by the way, he too was buried near his beloved) will come thousands times thousands of people. This tomb will not only cultural, but also a pilgrimage centre.

Walls of white marble were decorated with marvelous mosaics from a large quantity of precious stones. In the center of the mausoleum Taj Mahal stood so-called false tombs, the vaults were under the earth away from prying eyes.

No less beautiful and the Park is designed as a road leading to the main Shrine. And its axis is an irrigation canal, in the middle of which there is a marble pool. The four minarets from him go track.

To our days, alas, no longer door symbolizing the entrance into Paradise, they were cruelly stolen bloom robbers.
In order to get into the middle of the mausoleum, you have to obey the customary to remove your shoes, because the entrance is allowed only barefoot.
According to old legends Shah Cahad wanted and myself to build a tomb twin Taj Mahal, but of black marble. Alas, its construction has not begun.

The Taj Mahal is already so much years and fascinates all its visitors. But unfortunately he was not passed detrimental effects of environmental pollution. All this pil and could settle on a marble whiteness, making it not so delightful, and the drying up of the current near the river threatens soil subsidence, which in turn can lead to the destruction of the entire building.

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