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The beauty of our land

Ukraine-can be considered one of the largest European States, located in the heart of the continent. It is famous for its rich fertile lands and fields. The capital of this power-Kyiv, amazingly beautiful country, generously endowed by nature and history, every corner of this country unique. Rest in Ukraine will satisfy the palate of tourism and lovers of a varied holiday.

Ukraine is among the countries, in which practically every region has its sources of health. On the territory of Ukraine scattered mass of istochnikov healing waters and curative mud, which include: Truskavets, Mirgorod, Svalyava, Morshyn, Odessa ” Kuyalnik, Shatsk lakes and others.

There are at least 7 the main reasons for You to travel around Ukraine.

1. If Europe is the original center of the formation of human civilization, it once again to say that the center of the continent is in Ukrainian Transcarpathia. Thus visit the heart of Europe traveler to come to Ukraine. Kiev was, is and will be one of the main centers of Slavic civilization, “mother of Russian cities”. Our compatriots much easier to be in the center of the continent and the Slavic civilization, they do not need to travel outside their country. Many can start with Ukraine from their native places. Tourists expect a unique landscapes of the southern coast of Crimea, stretching for dozens of kilometres of Sunny beaches of the Azov and the coast of Odessa, green peaks of the Carpathians, oak woodlands, open spaces of the Dnieper shores, age-old forests of Polesie, the vast Eastern steppe Dnieper steep slopes, picturesque hills skirts and Ternopil.

2. Although numerous wars and social cataclysms not spared Ukrainian cities, many of them still keep the uniqueness of historical memory and architectural skill. At least three pearls – Kiev, Odessa and Lviv should be a mandatory program for every tourist. But the program of the trip is to include at least a hundred towns and cities – from Kharkov, Donetsk, Yalta and Sevastopol to Zhovkva, Kamianets-Podilsky and Belgorod-Dniester. Urban life in major cities of Ukraine is becoming more dynamic and rich vibrant cultural events. Follow the calendar of events, and You will be able to combine the experience of visiting a new city and one of the many festivals held throughout the country.

3. Ukraine protects the memory of dozens of civilizations. The traveler can visit the excavations at the site of a huge Tripoli, great cities, remains of ancient Greek settlements in the Crimea and the Northern black sea coast, where the Scythians built his capital Gelon, the numerous castles and fortresses, keeping secrets of history of Ancient Greece and Rome, Hungary, Poland, Turkey, Austria, Russia. Field of numerous battles in military history includes both the Ukraine and Russia, Sweden, England, Germany, Austria, Poland. Ukraine’s history is closely connected with an important part of the historical past of the Jewish people. The rich culture and interesting historical past of many large and small cities and today attracts millions of domestic and foreign travelers.

4. Natural wealth of Ukraine provides the best opportunities for the development of the sport tourism and active recreation – horseback riding trip through the mountains of the Crimea, Cycling routes in the Carpathian mountains, river rafting, unforgettable impressions from the underground of exploring the world’s largest caves and even a simple charge of vivacity from the walking tour through the woods by night by the lake. Ski enthusiasts will appreciate the Carpathian winter season, which in some places lasts until may. All this gives an opportunity for low-cost and quality of active rest in any time of the year.

5. Every year the tourist accommodation infrastructure is becoming better. With proper planning the trip, tourists can choose comfortable hotels with competitive price, and the comfort of a small home hotel at an affordable cost, and the hospitality of the village house ready to receive tourists. Annually, there are hundreds of new hotels that You can choose for a business trip, and for family travel on weekends or during your holiday. In our catalogue you can find only the best hotels that are recommended by professionals and was highly appreciated by tourists themselves.

6. Ukraine is among the countries, in which practically every region has its sources of health. On the territory of Ukraine scattered mass of istochnikov healing waters and curative mud. Remaining from the Soviet times powerful system of sanatorium-resort treatment preserved the best traditions of treatment and recently began to improve its infrastructure. Today many Russian sanatoriums and Spa-hotels are starting to arrive for the treatment tourists from all over the world.

7. No one disputes the fact that in Ukraine the most delicious bacon, fragrant soup and a strong gorilka. For the traveler who knows a lot about cooking, our country will provide a decent selection of both national and international cuisine. In order to be a hundred percent confident in the choice of restaurants that you want to visit on Your trip, check out the section where will be recommended by the institutions with the best combination of price and quality. You can name many more reasons to travel in the most diverse corners of Ukraine.

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