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Active rest and all the main varieties. 10 benefits of Active Leisure

Active Rest – is a very important part of my life.. I noticed that most people are too busy making money, everyday, everyday problems and do not consider it necessary to have a quality rest. When you do not ask, they always or even once 149 reasons….. Perhaps You know of such people, or may themselves feel about them!?

If to speak about activities, there are 2 main options: passive and active rest. According to the General statistics and my personal observations, most people take a more passive recreation, such as for example to go: a cafe, restaurant, bath, theatre, etc. that is, many believe that rest is a quiet time of transmission and prefer not to strain during leisure.

I have nothing against going to the theater, a restaurant or a bath, however, are ardent supporter more active types of rest and in this thread, I wanted to talk about what are the activities and its benefits.
To me it is very important to know more information about the readers of my Blog to get feedback from You! So I want to ask You, after reading this post leave a comment and tell what kind of active rest You prefer!

What kinds of active rest ?

Active winter holiday. Viewing the statistics of search requests on the topic: active rest, I found that after the main (highly chastotnogo) request, most of all in the search engines, people are looking for information on a topic of active winter holiday. And it is not casual, since it is real culture, which every year attracts more and more new fans! When we speak about the active winter holiday, the majority of people (including me) mean exactly holiday in ski resort. My Friends know that active winter rest – it is a constant part of my lifestyle, and I am not going to specify in details all the pleasures and privileges of this kind of rest, I wrote about it in the post “My true love” . I just want to add that to the active winter leisure, you can also include: the cross-country skiing in the forest, skiing, sledding, skating, and other

Active recreation and tourism. Tents, camping, camp fire nights, fresh air and BEAUTIFUL NATURE – a perfect combination for an active holiday with good company! You must have at least one day to visit one of the picturesque places of our great mother Earth (of course with a suitable company), to feel the greatness of NATURE and to enjoy outdoor activities.

Sports (command and single) games. This kind of relates directly to the first and is perfectly combined with a second kind of active rest, we talked a little higher. Such team games like football, volleyball, basketball is perfectly suited for active rest with the company of like-minded people. And tennis, Billiards, ski Sports, and other single sports games, help You to reveal individually and to enjoy improve his skills! There are other sports like running, lessons which can be attributed to the active kinds of rest.

Biking. No wonder I was singled out as a separate activity. Besides that riding a bike, You develop the muscles in the legs, this is a very exciting and interesting, especially mountain Biking somewhere in the forest. In his youth Cycling was one of my favorite and permanent forms of recreation and pastime. In the spring I plan to buy us with Natalie on high and to continue the forgotten tradition :)

Swimming. This activity can also be attributed to the sport, but I decided to place it in a separate category. In autumn and winter in the pool or in the pond in summer, swimming develops several groups of muscles and is a very useful type of active rest. Moreover swimming must often be used in other types of active and passive rest!

Fishing and hunting. Perhaps the most favorite male Hobbies that can also be attributed to the varieties of activities in nature. They came to us since primitive times before were rather a necessity, means for survival, but now have become the most in-demand male Hobbies. For me this kind of active rest not quite close, although in the summer sometimes like to go fishing on a fishing-rod 😉 !

Fitness, dancing. If the previous activity can be called men, fitness and dancing is definitely female version (although there are some exceptions). Future and current mothers is very important to keep yourself in good physical shape! One, to make a Healthy baby and still be attractive to a beloved husband and other men (the natural need of every woman) , to other after delivery to bring the figure in order.
Great respect girls who regularly your body and like active rest!
I have listed the most popular(basic) kinds of active rest (if I forgot, tell me, will add 😉 ) Now it’s time to talk about the benefits …

10 Benefits of Active leisure

Active rest implies the increase of motive activity of man, and as a result, all muscles and organ systems support its efficiency, which is the key to good health and cheerful mood. Your body receives the necessary workload and developing!
All of the above options for implementation of active rest, reflect the essence of a healthy lifestyle.
Active rest is always a lot of positive emotions! Any, even small victories, vyzyvayut You a unique feeling!
Adrenaline. It’s a feeling it’s hard to explain, but you should experience it at least once, and You will have the desire to repeat it again and again.
Physical activity during active rest, can distract from decisions of various complex problems and effectively to relieve the brain. In addition, activity suggests that holidaymakers will be on the nature, and it is the sun, fresh air and other nice things that would significantly improve the mood and immunity.
Very important is the fact that Active holiday can be enjoyed at any age.
Depending on their capabilities and forces, you can select more extreme or quieter activities, which will efficiently and memorable time with your family.
The opportunity to explore and photograph. Indeed, during the active rest make great images that will be the best in your home photo albums and many times will lift You up!
Team Sports, which undoubtedly are Active rest, allow to unite the team, the team and even help you grow Your Business. About it the more I wrote here
Today “Fashionable” to have his hobby, especially if it applies to Active recreation!

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