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A trip on the lakes of Northern Italy

In Northern Italy, lake Maggiore, a border with Switzerland, in the provinces of Piedmont and Lombardy.

Numerous natural parks are located on the Eastern shore of the lake, and prestigious resorts Baveno, Verbania, Stresa in the West Bank. Very beautiful Islands are concentrated near the Western coast.

Also in the North of Italy, in lipovom the foothills of lake Garda. From the North-West and North-East fringe of its low mountains. The southern coast with drier climate of the plain. On the lake there are both rocky and sandy beaches.

Many different parks are located around the lake. On the North of the country is the third lake and it is called Como. Tourists it attracts truly extraordinary and beautiful landscapes. The whole coast is dotted with luxury, rich villas.

Water in lakes during the summer months warms up to +26OC. All beaches in Italy are municipal. They are divided into plots and lease to private entrepreneurs.

For each sector fixed his overseer, he charge for sun loungers and parasols (approximately 10 EUR per set) and keeping order. The first 5 metres of the beach from the water’s edge is free of charge. Permitted here to sunbathe and just on the towel.

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