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Travel to Venezuela – the beauty of the island of Margarita

Travel to Venezuela – shop island Margaritovo like to thank the wise management of Lufthansa, who, feeling the situation, introduced crazy discounts on flights St. Petersburg – Frankfurt – Caracas. Not to fly there and back just over 34 000 rubles would be a crime and lost profits acquisition of impressions from sightseeing.
Reviews of Venezuela was full of horror stories about high crime rate, lies on the streets and in the shops, missing things and money of the hotels. Probably, all this can we have in Russia “to get” close to home, or even in the house.
The advice is simple – read the Internet and communicate with those who have already passed the way.
Our goal was to island resorts and recreation Margarita. Located just 40 minutes flight from Caracas, he has become for us an unattainable in the absence of air tickets. Began the famous carnival, all tickets were sold out long before the arrival. The night hanging around at the airport makes no sense to go to the city and to pay for overnight accommodation is not included in the plans. Afflicted divided into 2 groups, each of which man 20, hired standing at the airport ready buses. We got some semblance of the old hefty “Icarus”, which translated into rubles for 350 rubles per person drove through the night Venezuela 7 hours with one stop to “pee”.
Of course, information on the possible action in emergency situations I was pre-loaded from the Internet. And Port de La Cruz, ferries to Margarita was second choice.
By the way, the American “green” at the airport, love and change at a decent rate. Do not try to shove in the ATMs of your cards. Receive pay at the rate of 1 dollar=2.5 Bolivar. Bugs in the airport almost in a fight changed 1:6. Lucky had and more. But still some of your friends when the deal is worth radomes in Venezuela – the beauty of the island of Margarita
On the ferry station was clean, and there to sit, even at 5 in the morning buy coffee. People are friendly, the kids are cute, inquisitive. The ferry left at 6 in the morning. Not without difficulty on the whole gang bought tickets. Warmed by someone carefully stored dutifully schnapps, bring down the ferry. Pleasantly surprised by the form of the vessel. Modern lines, even rapid, within 3 tiers, exit to the deck not (and should not).
After 3 hours about we hour she reached in Margarita. Steam-Express, cost more, but chapal not 5-6 hours. Still it is hard to compare , 40 minutes by plane and 12 hours with expectations on the chaise.
But! Morning, Caribbean February heat, on the square rehearse carnival.
And we, pale as spirochetes and happy-tired in anticipation of forthcoming.

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