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A holiday in the Maldives.

Sea beach pristaniste to the Maldives fly through the male airport, located on a separate island. In the Maldives, everything is on a separate island airport, hotels, warehouses and even dump on a separate island. Airport in the country is small, runway short, the aircraft have a hard braking, not to drive out into the sea. Here is a building of the airport, a Marina for mooring of boats Shuttle. For seaplanes separate water area near the airport.

On arrival, follow the usual formalities, relying in such cases. Invited to fill out the immigration card with a tear-off coupon that will tear at the time of departure from the country. In the passport is stamped and issued a baggage. After going through customs, the tourist goes to the arrival hall. There are stands with the names of the hotels. Very often arriving met at a poster in his hands, which immediately accompanies tourists to the boat. All of these actions takes less than 20 minutes.

The island of kurumba 4 Maldives

Travel Agency choosing a hotel, the main attention should be paid to the details of the transfer – airport-hotel. It is better to choose airport less than an hour by boat. If transfer to three hours, then a long journey across the stormy sea is very exhausting, it is better to refuse. Some tourists in such circumstances, prefer for a fee to travel from the hotel to the airport or from the airport to the hotel by seaplane. The flight will not take more than 15 minutes and will save power. But sometimes the transfer by sea may become a pleasant sea walk when the weather permits, although sometimes this is a very severe test.

The island of kurumba 4 Maldives

Shuttle service to the island Kurumba lasts no more than 10 minutes. Hydrofoil instantly will deliver to the hotel. Boats for transfers likely belong to the hotel, once on the boat, you can consider yourself already on site. The latter fact is important. The fact that the street vendors in the Maldives are cunning and forwardness. The merchant can go to the tourist and just put in the hands of some Bank or a bottle, all views showing that this is supposedly a gift. Then it sort of loses to what is happening all interest. But it’s worth a moment to relax, there’s an obvious requirement of payment services, and in such a size that will not find it. There were many cases when unfortunate tourists took $ 10 for a bottle of water in this way. But after a couple of minutes aboard boats for transfer to his home hotel of the same bottle of water offered for free. This can of course very upset hapless tourist. Just need to be careful and not to yield to provocations of street vendors.

The island of Maui

When making the transfer to the boat your Luggage will ship the crew of the boat. The task of the tourist is to drop your Luggage cart to the boat. Arriving at the hotel, you will have to fill the interior of the questionnaire of the hotel, after which it will be offered free of charge soft drinks. In response to these tourist gets the keys, which are magnetic cards, and a hotel employee accompanies the tourist to his Bungalow. Baggage arrives followed by electrocore, it introduced into the room. Now you can finally relax.

Flight occurs in the same way in reverse order of what is happening. The Luggage from the room will be mounted on a boat, at the airport baggage will unload, allowing the tourist to use them yourself. But upon departure would not have to complete and sign, do not offer refreshing drinks. You only need to pay for additional services – the use of a bar, the drinks for dinner, excursions and equipment for hire.

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