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Active leisure

Lately it has become fashionable, popular and almost healthy activities. No one even tries to whom any way justify and attract green youth(and not only young people) the slogan of active rest is cool!

Not only that recently has spread round the passion for active recreation, and even in the ranks of tourists began to appear beautiful floor. Do not understand why people change their Putney on obscure attacks on the nature referred to as trips.

But the most terrible danger lurking in the party. Active rest-it is also a severe form of drug addiction. It all starts with the small fishing line or lakes situated not far from the house.

First, one of the friends offers unsuspecting people go to hang out for the weekend. This can be as a descent into the cave, and offer to try myself in mountaineering. Or just the water recreation with songs under a guitar and food on a fire. In the evening the whole exhausted, covered in cuts and scratches strong scent of fire he, smiling, falling asleep. All, please be assured that the next victim of active rest.

Now on weekends instead of the usual earthly joys he is looking for opportunities to make another retreat called the campaign. From time to time it wishes come true and he’s hanging out among the already familiar to him friends.

Still not as scary active rest not yet swallowed all of it, and he does not even understand where all this is heading. But nobody is going to open his eyes in gloomy Outlook.

The perfect places for active rest in the weekends there are even sites, the largest cities, for example, near Moscow. And the miracle is our yesterday’s acquaintance safely climb fragment of rock, rafts down the river, participated in a Safari on quadrocycles or jumping with a parachute.

Here he got. Got in a terrible addiction, he now has little trips on the weekend. The illness starts to progress. He needs these mountains, rushing rivers, and his gaze directed on boundless open spaces of Russia and on.

It all starts with the anxiety and frustration that already the season, and the possibility to have a rest, not yet.

It comes a showdown. A person understands that he is hooked on activity and be done with it nothing can be and rushes to climb a mountain peak.

Ever since I learned what an active rest I seemed to have found a new life different from the gray of everyday life. This atmosphere of adventure and sports passion. I consider that active rest one of the most interesting areas of tourism allows not only to maintain good physical form, but also to gain inner harmony

What do you think about activities, and what kind of rest do you prefer?

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