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Speedminton – active rest on the nature

Speedminton is the most rapidly developing raketny sport in the world. It combines the speed badminton, dynamics squash and elegance of tennis.
The greatest plus of the game compared to the above activities is that he doesn’t need a grid or a special Playground. In Speedminton can be played almost everywhere in the Park, on the beach or in the gym. Unlike badminton small wind will not interfere, because shuttlecock smaller and heavier.

Quickly learn how to play Speedminton can any beginner, even without experience a game of tennis or badminton. Shuttlecock, you can easily run to a height of 10 meters, which will allow the enemy to prepare to fight back. However, if you are to get a result, you will realize that the game is not only fast and exciting, but requires considerable physical effort.

All these conditions make Speedminton a great addition to the holiday with family and friends.


In Speedminton play racket type of squash it easier and shorter tennis racket. As a result, you can very quickly move and react. It does not tire the joints of your hands as much as tennis racket. But unlike badminton you will be able to do heavy blows at a great distance. Without much effort, you can run the shuttlecock to the tops of the trees and with the same ease to repel such attacks.

Shuttlecock for Speedminton has a much-improved aerodynamics than a badminton shuttlecock. It is smaller and heavier, so migrating further and more accurately. It reaches speeds of up to 290 km/H. Putting on the shuttlecock rubber ring and thereby increase the weight, you will be able to play and with little wind. And putting in shuttlecock light rod, the game can continue in complete darkness!

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