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How to travel without cost to the question whether it is possible to travel for free each give a negative answer, because any trip requires not only money for himself ...
Usually this means a trip to some pleasant place in no less pleasant company. And experienced travelers know that bail perfect holiday ...
Access to the private group training participants, you can share experiences with colleagues, support each other and to ask any questions...
Travel. Good work - good rest.

Active and passive recreation.

You are tired of spending the rest on beds, without duties. lying in the sun on the beach you are bored, you have a small weekend and you want something exciting, adrenaline delight, then active rest for you.
Sport and active rest.
Equipment and clothes for active rest.

What is an active holiday? Active rest is involved when working muscles during motor sports activity then you feel strong and healthy. Active rest is of two types: water and land. Water is diving, rafting, surfing, etc. To land include: plain skiing, Alpine skiing, Biking, climbing, mountaineering, horseback riding, hunting, fishing, camping tourism.
Increasingly active rest spend abroad. Sunrise on Tien-Shan previously conquered only hardcore fans backpacks and tents, now walking tours of the picturesque peaks visited by a huge number of tourists. During these tours you can take people with any physical education and select any time period you select, so that now the child and persons aged easily be able to admire the beauty of a top Asia and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

Active rest on the nature and abroad.

Now there is not a tourist destination where tourists are not offered b at least some opportunity for active leisure. South-East Asia, the Caribbean will offer the best diving in the world; France, Switzerland, Italy popular ski programs. In Bavaria and the Netherlands spend on bike, Belarus will offer you hunting, and on beaches in Tunisia, you can ride a thoroughbred stallion. Active lesson for every taste can be found in any point of the earth. You never have had an active rest? Then you have not experienced the most incredible feelings, did not enjoy the capabilities of your body, did not breathe a full breast mountain air, not admired the amazing horizons opening from the top of the hills, ‘t seen the fantastic underwater world. Have you seen the most beautiful places of our planet that mother nature gave us., Now when you know what active holiday, you will be able to correct this omission.

Traveling with a baby. Holidays for children - the recreation of preschool and school duties, period of carefree fun.
Journey undertaken before the wedding, can lead to unexpected consequences. Be tested for compatibility, understanding and true feelings ...