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Countries beach holiday travel with kids

Vacation with children has a number of features that should be considered. The main requirement is the availability of entertainment centres and parks, shallow water near the shore, and preferably crowded beaches. In light of the above it is possible to allocate some of the most suitable countries.

Turkey attracts mostly all inclusive. The choice of dishes in Turkish hotels is so great that even the most fastidious children will be able to choose a treat to your taste. Almost every hotel has children’s pools and water slides for all ages. In addition, the Turkish resorts often there are performers who will easily be able to captivate your child is interesting. Popular among tourists, the Cornelia De Luxe Resort in Belek. Sandy, a children’s pool with water slides, Playground and mini-club where children under the care of the maintenance staff to read, draw, watch cartoons or play.
Egypt is no less popular among couples with children. It would seem that the African heat is not quite suitable climate for the child’s body. However, thanks to continuous breeze, your child have a great rest, not even noticing the heat. Plus it will get a lot of impressions, watching unusual inhabitants of the red sea. Comfortably located in one of the quiet rooms at the hotel Ali Baba 4* Hurghada, you will be quiet for the dream of his child. And for an active day on the territory there is a children’s pool and mini club. On request you can book a tour to the pyramids.
Amusement Park Port Aventura is a guarantee that a holiday in Spain with the child will be great. He reminds fantastic country with unique attractions, its zoo and countless sweets. Hotel Gold River, located near Port Aventura, provides its guests with free unlimited visiting this wonderful Park. In the hotel, stylized days of the wild West, you can find real cowboys, which gives the children a lot of joy.

Most Italian hotels is equipped with everything necessary for children. Not an exception and Le Soleil 4*, located in Lido di Jesolo. There are no strong winds and large waves, the huge Golden beach will be enough room for everyone. Specially for children built a water parks, amusement parks and playgrounds. You can use the services of qualified nannies.
The mild climate of Bulgaria reduces practically to zero the risk of acclimatization. The big resorts are always a lot of families with children. However, if you want to spend your vacation in a quiet and intimate setting, we recommend you to choose a less vibrant communities. Village Overview invites its guests to stay in the Miramar hotel 4*. It is located right on the beach, which eliminates the need to make a tiring walk. To the delight of parents sea in this shallow place, so children can splash around at the coast, giving adults the opportunity to sunbathe.
In our opinion, this is the most suitable for rest with children of the country, however, only you can decide where to have a rest together with your child.

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