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A journey through the amazing Tanzania

“Having been in more than 50 countries of the world and once in Tanzania with the already serious baggage travel, wonder why so long not occur to me to go here?” About your travelling experience tells Vera Baranovskaya, development Director of the group of companies of IBC Service Network.

Safaris, Tanzania, travel

All of these precautions: yellow fever vaccination and receiving antimalarial tablets, children’s stories about doctor Aibolit, and the warning “do Not go the kids walk to Africa” – creates the false impression that the epicenter of the disease and in vain deterred from this wonderful country.
Safaris, Tanzania, puteshestviem however, is to overcome these unfounded fears to be in a strange country, where impressions surpass all expectations, and the level of service in places far superior to the usual European. For the inhabitants of Yekaterinburg even a flight to Tanzania – the question is quite simple: Turkish Airlines offer great rates and a convenient docking through Istanbul with arrival to the capital of Tanzania, Dar-es-Salaam, and this year, from Istanbul, you can immediately get to the airport Kilimanjaro – a place, where you will find all Safari tours and climbing the legendary mount (for those who don’t want to be limited to animals).
Safaris, Tanzania, puteshestvennikami parks in Tanzania – a great many, but the most interesting are Ngorongoro, Tarangire, Serengeti. We started your tour of African animals with Tarangire. The principal distinctive feature of this Park is a huge number of baobab trees, many of which are already over 200 years.
Safaris, Tanzania, puteshestviem on the route got a giraffe, which caused simply indescribable childish delight, and rushed after him: elephants, zebras, monkeys, hippos. And to all practically by hand to get it. And I want someone to Pat.
Safaris, Tanzania, puteshestvoval, Tanzania, puteshestviye all this variety was hard to imagine what else could we be surprised. However, the next day showed that the delight in Tanzania may not be the end. We waited Ngorongoro – unique Park, located in the giant crater of a long extinct volcano. Here are pretty cool – the average day temperature is 19 degrees, but Safari is very comfortable.
Safaris, Tanzania, puteshestviem 6 am animals begin to Wake up to find to itself livelihood. In the crater graze thousands of Zebra, wildebeest and Buffalo. From the very beginning we were lucky: two brothers lion slowly went hunting, later we met them sleeping in the shade of a tree and you was just divine.
Safaris, Tanzania, puteshestvoval, Tanzania, puteshestviem Ngorongoro we managed to see rhinos – and this is fortunate, because they are very few, after the Germans exterminated thousands for trophies at the beginning of the last century.
Safaris, Tanzania, puteshestvie the most vivid impression of the day was that lion that went down the hill, went right to our jeep and went to rest in the shade. Before him literally could hand it to get. Fear fought with curiosity, and the pictures turned out great
Safaris, Tanzania, puteshestvoval, Tanzania, puteshestviem Serengetti – the name of which is translated from the language Maasai as “vast valley” you can spend a week, and not get bored. We were there for only two days, and each of them was not like the other: three lions sleeping under a Bush in a small pit straight on the road clearly demonstrated to the words of the guide that out of the jeep cannot even order is absolutely necessary, because you never know who is hiding in the grass.
Full of impressions we spent the rest of the time in Zanzibar, which is reachable both by air and by sea.

Safaris, Tanzania, puteshestvennik joined Tanzania in 1968, and never give it did not. There is the purest water, snow-white beaches, excellent hotels all inclusive is a perfect end to Safari.
Safaris, Tanzania, puteshestviem next time, after talking with Tanzanian guides we decided to go Hiking on Kilimanjaro and fly for a couple of days in neighboring Uganda to live in the jungle huge Gorilla, and then to Madagascar to look at lemurs and huge baobab.

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